Sub Sea Expo 2022: our Top 3 Insights

One of the Energy sector’s key industry events, and indeed the largest Subsea Exhibition and Conference in the world, the 2022 Sub Sea Expo, hosted by Global Underwater Hub, took place in Aberdeen from 22-24 February. The event featured a powerhouse of guest speakers and panelists with a vast range of knowledge and expertise in the sector, discussing industry developments, challenges, and future aspirations.

Pinnacle Energy’s Associate Kevin Attree attended the event this year and shares with us his top three takeaways here:

1. The changing demand of offshore energy

Several of the sessions focused on offshore renewables; not as an up-and-coming or aspirational technology, but very much already present, thriving, and to some extent overtaking oil and gas in terms of market significance.

2. Repurpose over decommission

This applies to both onshore and offshore installations; why decommission when you can repurpose? Substantial savings can be made through this approach, and with our specialist knowledge and experience, Pinnacle Energy can provide support and expertise for exactly these types of projects.

3. Market confidence

With buoyancy in the Energy sector as a whole, Kevin has seen first-hand through conversations with new and existing contacts, that companies now have the confidence to invest and build new offshore and onshore structures, paving the way for further gains in the industry for years to come.

To discuss any of these industry insights directly with Kevin, or if you need support on an Offshore or Onshore engineering project – please get in touch with him at