Creating efficiencies in Data Centre design and build

Pinnacle attended the annual DCD (Data Centre Dynamics) conference this November. DCD focuses on solving Europe’s data centre and cloud infrastructure capacity challenges and the key theme this year addressed how the data centre industry should respond to the ongoing global climate emergency.

We were part of an audience of senior executives and technical teams from many of the largest global data centre operators, who provide design, build, management, and operation of mission critical IT facilities.

At Pinnacle, we’ve seen how our role as the consulting engineer has changed in the era of hyperscale. With increasing data use due to the popularity of streaming and the growth of cloud computing, there is a huge demand for more cloud facilities.

However, as one speaker pointed out, the whole energy cycle used to stream just one film on Netflix is equivalent to making 60 cups of tea! With this in mind, the consensus was that as an industry, we are only part way up the curve, and we all need to think about how our industry affects the global energy needed now and in the next 20 years. Currently the Data Centre economy consumes around 2% of global energy and is expected to grow to nearly 8% by 2030.

As a consultancy with over 15 years’ experience in this sector Pinnacle can provide advice and skills to drive efficiencies and employ sustainable ways to develop these types of buildings whilst supporting our clients’ future growth.