3D Point Cloud Survey monitors tunnel integrity

Pinnacle were commissioned to carry out an inspection of a conveyor tunnel in Sibelco’s Kings Lynn Quarry, to ensure the integrity and safety of the structure. The tunnel consists of a corrugated steel tube buried beneath a sand stockpile. The tube is approximately 3m in diameter, around 25m long and is installed at a vertical angle of approx. 15°.

As a follow up to our visual inspection, we carried out a 3D Point Cloud Survey of the tunnel, which provides a 3D visualisation that will facilitate future monitoring of the approximately 50-year-old structure.

The client was delighted with the results of the survey which is the first in an ongoing series of scans that will be undertaken every 3 years or so as part of regular monitoring visits. This will allow us to compare the latest scans to the historic scans on file to identify any deformations taking place in the tube before any major movements take place.