Platform De-Complexing Nominated for Tekla Award

We are delighted that our K8-FA-3 platform de-complexing project has been shortlisted in the UK Tekla Awards 2021.

The K8-FA-3 platform is an unmanned gas producing platform in the Dutch Sector of the Southern North Sea (SNS) and is part of the NAM (Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappija), a Dutch petroleum company.

In recent years, in order to reduce running costs and minimise regular maintenance programs, producers are regularly looking at a process called de-complexing. This entails removing the platform of its superfluous structural requirements, simplifying the gas processing, making the platform environmentally friendly by enhancing the use of solar / wind energy to self-generate power and lastly ensuring the platform meets the current up to date design codes and safety standards.

Pinnacle Consulting Engineers designed and detailed the K8-FA-3 de-complexing programme. The approach we adapted at the onset was similar to the successful Leman Delta campaign by firstly constructing an ‘As Built’ model from the existing drawings and ‘Point Cloud’ information available.

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